A Dangerous Man

HQN - He thinks she’s a siren who uses beauty to entrap men. But someone is threatening eleanor, and as the break-ins and other malicious activities begin to pile up…it’s Anthony who tops the list of probable suspects! Eleanor has always been looked on askance as “the bossy American” by London society, the very antithesis of British virtue and propriety.

She thinks he’s a haughty, cold English snob. Infuriated, her mother-in-law sends Lord Anthony Neale to put an end to Eleanor’s nefarious gold-digging ways. Anthony and Eleanor clash immediately. Now, at the death of her husband, she has been appointed trustee to his estate, and the proverbial fur is flying.

A Dangerous Man - Despite their initial misgivings, they are increasingly drawn to each other.

An Independent Woman Women and Men Book 1

HQN - And when wild, rebellious Nick left home, Juliana was left to fend for herself. Forced to seek employment as a lady’s companion, juliana has resigned herself to a life of lonely independence…until Nick’s innocent attentions at a ball cause her to lose her position, and he offers her the only recompense he can—a marriage of convenience.

It now falls to juliana to prove to Nick that he is capable of the love they both so richly deserve. Only one person ever treated juliana Holcott with anything other than disdain—Nicholas Barre, the orphaned heir to the estate where she spent her childhood. But when a guest at their wedding turns up dead, they must pursue a more urgent quarry—a murderer.

An Independent Woman Women and Men Book 1 - Will one man’s greed and bloodlust ruin their chance at happiness…or will love conquer all? .

A Stolen Heart The Lost Heirs Book 1

HQN - Only lord thorpe can help her now—if he can overcome his own suspicions. With her billowy black hair and creamy skin, Alexandra Ward is stunningly beautiful, brashly outspoken…and the perfect image of a wealthy woman long thought dead. Straight from America, Alexandra finds London fraught with danger. Lord thorpe’s new business partner is not what he expected.

Her appearance on thorpe’s arm sends shock rippling through society and arouses hushed whispers: is she a schemer in search of a dead woman’s fortune, or an innocent caught up in circumstances that she doesn’t understand?Someone knows the truth, someone who doesn’t want Alexandra to live long enough to learn anything.

Promise Me Tomorrow The Lost Heirs Book 2

HQN - A dangerous shadow from her past is closing in, and Lord Lambeth is the only man she can turn to. Lord lambeth is uncharacteristically captivated by Marianne Cotterwood, even though she’s off-limits and keeping secrets. The only “family” she has is a warmly eccentric bunch of pickpockets and thieves.

Marianne’s inborn grace makes her a natural at mingling among the wealthy while looking for valuables, but then Lord Lambeth catches her in the act…. Yet someone else is interested in Marianne’s secrets, as well. Determined to unravel her mystery, he keeps close watch. Alone in the world, Marianne wishes she could remember her life before the orphanage.

No Other Love The Lost Heirs Book 3

HQN - Urgently on her way to the earl of Exmoor’s estate, Nicola Falcourt’s carriage is waylaid by a notorious highwayman known as The Gentleman. But to save those she loves, she’ll have to put all her trust in a man as dangerous as he is desirable. But he could not be more mistaken, for Nicola bears no love for the cruel earl who’d killed the only man she’d ever loved.

Determined to uncover the rogue’s real identity and his reasons for bringing down the earl, Nicola gets perilously close to him. But there is nothing gentlemanly about the masked bandit’s breathless kiss. The stranger believes nicola is the wife of Richard Montford, earl of Exmoor, whom he despises and is intent on destroying.


HQN - Though his name belies the fact, he is obviously no gentleman. Benedict wincross appears in Camilla Ferrand's life as quickly as the gunfire pursuing him. Each was drawing the other into a dangerous deceit—for even if they survived the danger of Benedict's mission, how would they undo the love between them?

But camilla realizes benedict may be just what she needs: a temporary fiancé to satisfy her family's worries. And benedict needs something in return: an entrée into Chevington Park, Camilla's estate, to conduct an undercover investigation into corruption—without Camilla's knowledge.


HQN - Pleasant conversationalist preferred but not required. Simon “devil” dure is as cynical about love as spirited Charity Emerson is innocent of it. There is no warning, however, of the treacherous trap that lies ahead, or of the vicious act of murder that will put their courage—and their love—to the ultimate test.

. Their ensuing engagement is as shocking as it is conspiratorial. But she is certain she can meet his wifely expectations, and he is charmed and amused enough to believe her. Wanted: wife of good family, calm, attractive but not too beautiful, reasonable and mature…for marriage of convenience. With her crazy schemes and her warm laughter, Charity tempts Simon—with more than her body.

Suddenly - Her loving heart seduces him to unlock the shackles around his own.

A Lady Never Tells Willowmere Book 1

Pocket Books - Although their british mother was estranged from her family, Mary decides the four will flee to London and take their place in society as granddaughters of the Earl of Stewkesbury. And royce learns that while high society may sing the praises of proper behavior, it is a most improper American who is winning his heart.

When an unknown villain attempts a kidnapping, Royce and Mary are thrown together as they confront the danger. When mary bascombe’s stepfather tries to sell her and her sisters to  the highest bidder after their mother’s death, she resolves to take  drastic action. Dashing sir royce winslow doubts the honesty of the young women’s claim—despite their charms, they seem to be hiding something.

A Lady Never Tells Willowmere Book 1 - . His attraction to feisty mary, the earl’s country estate, to acquire some polish, so when the sisters are shipped off to Willowmere, is no ruse, however, Royce is quick to join them. Meet three noble bachelors and a quartet of American girls of questionable manners! New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp delights with an exciting new series featuring love, laughter, and intrigue.

A Gentleman Always Remembers Willowmere Book 2

Pocket Books - New york times bestselling author candace camp’s delectable Willowmere series continues with the story of the accomplished and pretty widow who takes on the American Bascombe sisters for their London debut—only to discover that, when it comes to love, she is the one who is unprepared. Married young to a charming but improvident army officer, Eve Hawthorne was widowed with little left except for a few extravagant trifles.

With the earl away, Eve can turn only to Fitz for help. Trying to prove herself responsible—with Fitz challenging her at every turn—is hard enough, but a blackmailer with an interest in Eve’s prior marriage proves far more troubling. But dare she confide in him, when getting too close to this confirmed bachelor might risk her heart to his alluring ways?

A Gentleman Always Remembers Willowmere Book 2 - Desperate to avoid her domineering stepmother, she accepts employment as chaperone to the Earl of Stewkesbury’s American cousins. Who better than a levelheaded widow to remind these young girls that they no longer live on a frontier? But when she flirts with a handsome stranger who turns out to be the earl’s brother Fitz, Eve worries she’s given the wrong impression.

Swept Away

HQN - That innocent man was julia armiger’s brother, and she’s vowed to clear his good name and reveal Stonehaven as the unrepentant rogue that he is. She detested this man with a fury that threatened to swamp her. His eyes met hers, and for a moment they were frozen in time. Her plot for vengeance revolves around one certainty.

And she dares to become his fantasy. Is it the duel of wits, mystery and unexpected pleasure that will soon find her totally, who boldly sweeps her into a game of adventure, deliciously, or even the fear of exposure that accounts for the heady exhilaration she feels at Stonehaven’s nearness? Or is it the man himself, the lure of winning, perilously swept away….

Swept Away - . And tonight she had to make him want her more than he had ever wanted any woman…When Deverel Grey, mistakenly accused Sir Selby Armiger of a crime he hadn’t committed, Lord Stonehaven, he subjected the innocent man’s family to ruinous scandal. She knows her sinfully handsome enemy has one weakness…beautiful women.

An Affair Without End Willowmere Book 3

Pocket Books - . And when a bold lady steps into danger, it is a gentleman’s duty to protect her at all costs. And when vivian, who has sworn never to subject herself to the bonds of matrimony, boldly suggests that she and Oliver become lovers instead, her scandalous proposal is temptation indeed! But with an alarming series of jewel thefts rocking London, the ever-outrageous Vivian insists on trying to discover the perpetrator despite Oliver’s admonitions.

When oliver, asks the dashing lady vivian carlyle to ensure that his American cousins meet the cream of London society, Earl of Stewkesbury, he doesn’t anticipate the danger she will pose to his own self-control. If a sophisticated beauty proposes a clandestine affair, could even the most proper gentleman resist? New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp concludes her scintillating Willowmere series with a seductive tale of an alluring lady who dares to break the rules.

An Affair Without End Willowmere Book 3 - Of her lips. What neither oliver nor Vivian can anticipate, however, is that the ultimate cost may be both their hearts. Thrown into intimate contact with the lovely lady, Oliver finds he cannot stop thinking of Vivian—of her wit, of her smile.