Aimless Witch Questing Witch Series Book 1

It has been three years since the Destroyer sundered our world. From the world of rylee adamson and the Elemental Series comes a heroine with nothing to lose and everything to prove…. My name is pamela, and I am a witch who has no equal. Or so I thought. Through it all the humans fight to survive as they compete not only with the supernaturals for food and resources, but their own kind as well.

And me? the caravans of humans I pass, they look to me to save them. Only i am not the witch I once was. Bound by those who fear my power and my bloodline, I’m lucky if I can light a match with my magic, never mind protect anyone but myself. Now, the darkness in me rises, offering me all that I want. But if i embrace the darkness i will face a cost I could never have imagined…Coming Fall 2018"Caravan Witch" Questing Witch Book 2.

The land is no longer whole, most technology gone, but broken into pieces, and the continents shattered into an unrecognizable place. New monsters have risen from the depths, adding danger on top of danger. Freedom from the chains I wear, and the power to make everything right.

Caravan Witch Questing Witch Book 2

It’s a right bastard like that. I don’t know how much longer i can withstand its strength, because in this world strength is safety, and safety is all I can offer those around me. My black magic takes it’s pound of flesh every time I use it, and each time the cost climbs. May the gods have mercy on me, because I don’t have it in me to refuse the magic that blackens my blood any longer….

As if surviving the end of the world, and the theft of my powers weren’t enough on their own, a heaping pile of Ogre and a side of human raiders has been added to my plate while trying to feed our starving caravan. The worst of what I face though is far harder to admit. And yet, seducing me, it calls to me, all the while consuming little pieces of my soul.


Maze Witch The Questing Witch Series Book 3

A witch whose strength lies within the dead, and whose magic I unleashed during my part of destroying the world. Now she wants me to bow to her, to give her my strength and my magic. I’ve been stripped of my familiars. Stripped of my magic. Only my magic is completely bound away from me, rendering me next to useless.

If i manage to survive, will i still know who i am, or will I have finally succumbed to the darkness growing inside me?My name is Pamela, and I’m about to find out that nothing in this broken world is as it seems. Including my magic. My name is pamela, and I am the most powerful witch the world has ever seen.

And i must face all that lies ahead of me with only the blackest parts of my soul to keep me alive. I’m about to face a witch who makes me look like a child fighting a seasoned general in battle.

Elemental Witch The Questing Witch Series Book 4

D. G swank of blood and monsters jk harper kim faulkscarysa LockeAnna SantosAmelia HutchinsThank you for your patience and understanding My name is Pamela, and I am the strongest witch the world has ever seen. And the elementals had better be ready to play. A child who could be everything they need to force all the elementals to bend a knee.

Myself, and my father. But the elementals we face are no fools. If you pre-ordered elemental witch, you may have ended up with only 4 or 5 chapters due to an Amazon glitch as they update their dashboard. Please be kind, show them some love too. A child whom I’ve always known was special. They’ve taken Frost.

If i have to break the world again to find him, I will. And there is a faction of them who want to rule our world. They’ve taken the most precious thing from us both. Because i’m done hiding too. You can contact amazon to push an update and that seems to be working for most readers. Standing between them and their goal are only two people, two that still hold a connection to Spirit, the key to stopping them.

Shadowspell Academy: The Culling Trials Book 1

It’s the same invitation my older brother received three years ago—the same place he mysteriously died. This book is harry potter meets the Hunger Games in a bold twist on a classic magical young adult adventure. Jaymin eve, bestselling author of Supernatural Academy You Don’t Choose The Academy. If he doesn't go our entire family will be killed.

My younger brother has been chosen for the prestigious, secret magical school hidden within the folds of our mundane world. What’s a girl faking it as a boy supposed to do? That’s right—beat the academy at its own game. Assassins are coming for me, and the dead are prone to rise. In an invitation. I had no idea how those words would change my life.

The academy Chooses You. A place so dangerous, they don’t guarantee you’ll make it out alive. Or how they’d changed my life already… Until the day the most dangerous man I’ve ever met waltzed onto my farm and left us a death sentence. Or die trying. Shadowspell academy book 1 and shadowspell academy book 2 end with a cliffhangerBook 2 will release May 14, 2019Book 3 will release June 11, 2019.

The academy has already killed one sibling.

Shadowspell Academy: The Culling Trials Book 2

That we should leave the fallen behind and ask no questions. Not on my watch. Shadowspell academy book 1 and shadowspell Academy Book 2 end with a cliffhangerBook 3 will release June 11, 2019. But here i am, fighting my way through the Culling Trials to claim my right to be taught. Those kids won’t be left to die.

As if the gauntlet-type physical and mental tests aren’t enough, people are going missing. They think we should just look out for ourselves. The academy Chooses You. People that are my friends. Being accepted into an elite school of magic, monsters, and assassins was not my idea of higher education. I got this far by trusting my instincts, and I’m not going to back down now.

They clearly think we’re idiots. This book is harry potter meets the Hunger Games in a bold twist on a classic magical young adult adventure. Jaymin eve, bestselling author of Supernatural Academy You Don’t Choose The Academy. In a dangerous world where no one is as they seem, the golden rule is simple: Trust no one.


Oracle's Haunt Desert Cursed Series Book 4

Also available!witch's reign desert cursed book 1 Dragon's Ground Desert Cursed Book 2 Jinn's Dominion Desert Cursed Book 3. One whose voice calls to me still. Eyes on the prize, I will push forward, even though hope feels weak and pointless. And as the alpha of our pride, it’s up to me to act responsibly and not get my people all killed.

Driving us from behind comes the desert goddess whose rage is centered on me, and with her is a new ally, who still holds my heart in his hands. Along the way, maybe i’ll bring my brother back from the dead, maybe my heart will heal, maybe this will turn out okay after all. Or maybe i will lose everything, and everyone I hold dear and discover I’m not meant to save anyone.

Hope might spring eternal, but she’s a right bitch as far as I can see. Yet, i can’t help but hope that the Oracle will be the answer to what I seek. But getting to the oracle is no small thing as she resides in the center of the Blasted lands—toxic waste, lava, and monsters. Hope is a four letter word.


Pamela The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 3

Raven is an elemental of great power whose words resonate within my soul. Yet while he calls to my inner spirit, I know I cannot trust him. To prove i am worthy of his tutelage, I must complete three tasks before he will teach me the one spell I want above all others. Darkness that is coming for those I love.

And i will defend them – even to the damning of my soul. The demons have been beaten back, but I can feel darkness lurking just beyond my sight. They are my greatest treasure, one I never dreamed to have. A way to bring home loved ones taken too soon. His first mission will drop me straight into the fiery heart of the elemental world where there waits for me both death.

My name is pamela, and I am a witch. I will protect rylee’s pack, my family, at all costs. And life. Now i must salvage my courage and conquer Raven’s challenges, or be prepared to lose everything I hold dear to my heart. To protect them, I will chance everything on a stranger.

RYLEE The Rylee Adamson Epilogues Book 1

Simple and straightforward, this salvage should be a piece of cake - and a chance to learn some discipline with my powers. Except the girl is somehow tied to the world of the Elementals, and with that comes a danger I could never have expected. Except i can no longer Track, and my new abilities terrify me.

A salvage is offered to me, and with it a chance to redeem myself. With over 2. 5 million books sold, shannon Mayer continues to provide readers with the twists and turns they've come to expect from her writing. Rylee adamson epiloguesrylee availableLiam availablePamela availableLynchpin available. If i am to save us both, i must face the darkness within; and this time, I must do it all by myself.

From hijinks ink publishing comes the usa today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling RYLEE ADAMSON EPILOGUES. In the aftermath, the humans still have mysteries they call upon me for. As i search for her, i realize it is not only her life that is on the line, but my soul and sanity as well, as the voices and unnatural needs in me grow more demanding.

My name is rylee and I was a Tracker. The final battle is over and The Blood of the Lost was spilled. A missing girl, her brother desperate to find her.

Destroyer The Elemental Series Book 7

. I must find the strength to stop the mother goddess, and to save our world, but which aspect of my heart will hold me up and what will it cost me in the end?Blood of the earth. Destroyer. I can't wait to see what comes next!”-boundless book reviewsfrom hijinks Ink Publishing and Shannon Mayer comes The USA Today Bestselling ELEMENTAL SERIES beginning with RECURVE Book 1.

. Bastard Princess. With over 1. 4 million books sold, shannon Mayer proves, once again, she can dominate her genre right out of the gate. My name is larkspur, and I am an Elemental. My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. Child of Spirit. This story is fast paced and exciting right from the start.

What a fantastic start to a new fantasy series! I love a strong female lead and we were delivered that in spades with Larkspur. Time is not something we have.

Jinn's Dominion Desert Cursed Series Book 3

All three claim they can give me the world on a silver platter, to give me my deepest desires. All three want something from me. Ishtar’s new hunters. Or so it seems until i reach the Jinn’s Dominion and discover the truth…About who I really am. And i thought that nothing could be worse than what I faced there.

Fall 2018. Oracle's haunt desert Cursed Series Book 4. And what that means for my fate and the fate of those I love. There was nothing that could have prepared me for Dragon’s Ground. And the Emperor himself. Color me cautious, but I think all three are lying. Marsurm leader of the Jinn. South lies the jinn’s Dominion and within it the members of my Pride who need my help.

Just my black cat bad luck, the world is set to prove me wrong. The further south we go, the more danger comes not only from outside our group but from within.