Devilman VS. Hades Vol. 3

Hades strikes a devil’s bargain: if akira destroys his greatest foe, the giant fighting machine Great Mazinger, he will restore Akira’s beloved and the world itself to life! It’s a battle across time and space for the fate of one man’s love–and the future of all mankind. The epic devilman/Mazinger Z crossover reaches its thunderous conclusion!

The clash of devil and machine!fudo akira battled across the broken face of the world to stand against Hades, Emperor of Darkness–and now he finds himself turned into a pawn.

Devilman VS. Hades Vol. 2

The earth lies in ruins, but its ultimate fate is yet to be decided. Clash of the titansdevilman leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, relentlessly carried towards his fateful confrontation with Hades, Emperor of Darkness. And now another player intrudes upon the battlefield: the mighty war machine, Great Mazinger! When these titans clash, the world trembles!


Devilman VS. Hades Vol. 1

Now he must descend to the underworld to bring her back. But first he must defeat Hades, the Emperor of Darkness, no matter what the cost. The epic devilman/Mazinger Z crossover starts here! But not even devilman could stop the end of the world--nor could he save the woman he loved. A modern sequel to the horror manga classic Devilman! When high schooler Fudo Akira merged with the demon Amon, he became Earth's darkest hero: Devilman.

The armies of Hell itself trembled at his name.

Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 2

The epic conclusion to go nagai’s manga masterworkas demonkind continues to infiltrate human society, devilman will need powerful allies, and the utter domination of mankind! To defeat them, they are one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal: an apocalyptic war with the nations of Earth, yet betrayal may come from those he trusts the most.


Devilman Grimoire Vol. 5

Could there truly be any hope for peace?The Devilman Grimoire saga reaches its apocalyptic conclusion! Driven mad by infernal influence, his true nature is at last revealed! Further revelations await, as Miki and the devilmen learn the darkest truths behind the histories of man and demon. Armageddon!the final confrontation between the heroic Devilmen and rapacious demons looms large, as violence engulfs all the nations of Earth.

Even amon cannot resist the tide of chaos.

Devilman Grimoire Vol. 4

I am devilman!in a stunning act of defiance, becoming a human with the power of a demon–a Devilman! Together with Amon, she’ll need all of her newfound power to protect her classmates, Makimura Miki resisted the power of demonic possession, and fend off the murderous rampage of the demon overlord Atrocious.

Yet could miki really be the only person to resist demonic domination? Could there be others with the strength of devils…? .

Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 1

Once little more than a crybaby, akira now wields the terrible power of a devil, yet holds the innocent soul of a man–-Devilman! Go nagai’s groundbreaking horror classic that inspired the genre for decades. Hordes of demons, once thought entombed forever in the underworld, have now returned to Earth.

Mankind’s only hope for salvation is to use the demons’ power against them–-and only a pure-hearted man like Fudo Akira can do so without losing his humanity. Evil and corruption begin to seep into our world, as demons seize human hosts.

Devilman Grimoire Vol. 3

Death to the traitor!the time of demonkind’s full revival draws ever closer, as more and more humans succumb to possession. Against them stands only the traitor Amon, in the body of human Fudo Akira. His deeds have not gone unnoticed. Lord atrocious, seeking akira’s life, the monster shogun–strongest of demonkind–demands Amon’s head! The strongest demons from across the world descend upon Japan, even Lord Satan himself! It’s one demon against the world–but Amon won’t hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way.


Devilman Grimoire Vol. 2

Bloodlustthe demonic harpy, and she’s set her sights on akira’s closest friend! To stop this ancient foe, is out for blood, Sirene, the legendary devil Amon is prepared to fight the armies of hell itself. A modern, ultra-violent spin on the devilish classic by Go Nagai! .

Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection

Experience the original saga of Japan's iconic super-heroine by Go Nagai, the author of Devilman! It's a power that the nefarious criminal organization known as Panther Claw will stop at nothing to possess, even if it means destroying that which Honey loves the most. One of the most recognized super-heroines in manga history finally has her original story in print! Both volumes of Go Nagai’s 1973 cult classic are collected in this oversized hardcover tome.

Beautiful but unassuming schoolgirl Kisaragi Honey has a secret--she's actually an android! Through her father's amazing technology, she can transform into the unstoppable Cutie Honey.

Devilman Grimoire Vol. 1

It takes a devil to kill a devil!when miki attempts to summon a demon on the roof of her high school, things don’t go quite as planned. Not only does she instigate a vicious massacre, but her friend Akira gets possessed by the legendary demon Amon the Uneater, who annihilates his own kind. As tokyo’s streets grow bloodier by the day–thanks to invaders from Hell–a demonic demon slayer might be the city’s only hope for salvation.

A modern, ultra-violent spin on the devilish classic by Go Nagai! .