His Mate – Ain’t Getting nun: Paranormal Romantic Comedy – Brothers

But that shock in no way prepares the alpha for what comes next. A nun? his mate? No way. Sure, she’s dressed like a nun, and the alpha takes a liking to her, but that’s only the beginning of her problems. Ryan is sure that fate has gone insane. Three wolves, three witches, two vampires, and a bear shifter’s paths all collide in this comedy romance with sarcasm, zapping, one she-wolf, wooing, one Wizard, and mayhem that will never let you look at the supernatural world in the same way again.

Hold on for another wild and whacky ride in the His Mate series. A nun walks into a bar. There’s just one problem with that – it’s a shifter bar, the owner is a vampire, and the nun is a witch. From the very first moment that Vanessa walks into the shifter bar things start to get complicated.

Brothers - Meet the Family: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate

Kit wasn’t looking for a mate, but an elder just had to meddle in his life. Three wolf shifter brothers; kit, Finley, and Turner are about to meet their fate head-on in the shapely form of three mischief-making witches. Their father, a wizard, is on the warpath when his daughters go missing, but things don’t always go as planned.

But destiny has other ideas. But when a life is on the line, a little love, can everyone put their feelings aside to save a child?Join the pack in this madcap romance, a little wooing, with a little laughter, and a cauldron stirring vampire thrown in for good measure. Rescue his girls, kill whoever took them, job done.


His Mate - Witch Way?: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - Brothers

Lewis wants a witch and he wants one now. The alpha is about to get more than he bargained for. Four feisty witches turn up on pack land and that was the moment that things went crazy. That's good because daniel can't seem to take his foot out of his mouth for long enough to woo her. Mia's there to get paid, the alpha, but Lewis, has other things on his mind.

Debbie's not impressed by the brooding beta, Jake, but he's got his sights set on the feisty witch and he's not letting her get away from him. Aggie, brought the witches together, but she never bargained for what was to come next. Vampires, wolf shifters, and witches meet in a collision of madcap mayhem in this romantic comedy from the author of the Senior books.

Jules knows what she wants and it isn't a mate.

Brothers - Summer Lovin': Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate

The best of the rain. The best of being chased by determined and persistent wolf shifters with one thing on their minds. What do you get when you have three sexy wolf shifters, mayhem, and a summer fair run by the local church? A lot of madcap, one snarky vampire, three fiery, feisty witches, and a whole heap trouble brewing.

It was keri’s weekend to choose where the friends would be spending it. Did she choose a relaxing break at the beach? a city adventure with lots of shopping? Or three glamping pods in the middle of a muddy field, owned by the local wolf pack, and about to be overrun with church folk?Penny and Isla weren’t best pleased with their friend’s choice, but they decided to make the best of it.

Comedy you'll just howl about. The best of being roped in by the local church to help with their summer fair… but things didn’t always go to plan, and trying to make the best of everything soon turned deadly when someone decided that it was time for the witches to leave.

Ain't Misbehavin': Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate - Brothers

Maybe crazy was rubbing off on him, but he wanted his mate, his wolf wanted their mate, and he’d do whatever it took to woo her. Then there were the other two witches, his brothers, the good vampire, the bad vampire, and a whole lot of crazy. Join alf and his pack for a laugh-out-loud comedy romance that you can really get your fangs into.

The alpha wanted to kill the woman, not take her as his mate. What was a shifter without his mate? nothing, worse than nothing, he’d probably go rogue, but wouldn’t that be better than a lifetime with a witch soul mate? Wooing her wasn’t going to be easy. She was crazy, worse than crazy; she said her best friend was a unicorn.


His Mate - Rescue Me!: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - Brothers

Climb aboard the crazy train for another whirlwind romance that will make you laugh-out-loud. A sense of humor is required. A human that wanted to rescue poor, helpless wolves, but then, was she crazy? She was certainly going to get more than she bargained for on pack land, so was the pack when her witch friends turned up to rescue her.

One crazy night, four mates, three of them witches, and a rescue attempt that was doomed from the start. These wolf shifters didn't know what hit them in this romantic comedy that is full of wooing, zapping, and sarcasm of the very best kind.

Brothers - Witch-mas Time: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate

A sarcastic vampire. Witches three, and mean ones that had no intention of being wooed. A whole lot of devious faeries and a pack of reindeer shifters make this a Christmas to remember for the alpha and his pack in this madcap comedy romance of the shifter variety. A cantankerous elder. After meeting his mate, he thought it just might.

There were times when a wolf shifter had to do what a wolf shifter had to do, and Doug knew that this was one of those times. His brothers didn’t get off lightly either. That was the alpha’s top priority, and he was going to do it even if it killed him. Woo his mate.

Brothers - His Mate - Say What?: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

No, he didn’t need any witches. The only trouble was – he did. Three witches had turned up out of the blue, and they were mates. Now, there was going to be wooing – wooing and trouble, because there were vampires – three of them, but only one wanted to kill his mate. Can the alpha save his mate? can the alpha woo his mate before she drives him insane? Get on the crazy train for another laugh-out-loud, romantic comedy – a sense of humor is required.

. Three crazy witches in his pack? He’d rather cut off his own paw. What was fate thinking? the alpha had enough trouble with the females in his pack already; he didn’t need more. Then there was the trouble that having witches around always brought with it, not to mention the vampires, and there were always damn vampires.


Brothers - Yule Be Mine: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate

A mate isn’t just for Christmas, but for life. Witches a wolf shifters should stay as far away from each other as possible; it was practically an unwritten rule. That was fine until your witch mate showed up at your door in a blizzard and needed shelter. Times that by three and kiel, and Jeff were in for a whole heap of trouble, Drake, zapping, and wooing in their lives.

A madcap comedy that you won't forget.

Brothers - S-witch-eroo: Paranormal Romantic Comedy - His Mate

Parker had to wonder if he was going insane, and if he wasn’t then, he thought he might be soon. Not these witches. Trouble, a mystery, mischief, and wooing. Witch mates? three of them for his pack – how much worse could it get?He shouldn’t have asked that question; he’d tempted fate, and fate could be a real witch.

He’d found his mate, but he’d lost her again. What the heck was going on?Parker was about to find out that nothing was ever as it seemed where witches were concerned. This alpha had his hands full, and he was in for one mad-cap, laugh-out-loud ride. When he hunted her down, she looked right, but her scent was all wrong.


His Mate - Brothers - Generations: Paranormal Romantic Comedy

It wasn’t even Spring, and yet mating was in the air. Celine, matriarch to a family of witches, had finally twisted enough arms to get them all to agree to holiday together in the mountains. Dane thought he’d seen everything, but nothing could prepare him for the sight of five witches rolling into town.

His brothers wouldn’t be best pleased, and he’d tried to warn the wicked witches off, Scott, especially the alpha, but they hadn’t listened. Little did she know that shifter wolves resided there, and the consequences that would bring for her family. Now the fur was really about to fly as mates found mates, and wooing was the order of the day.

Witches, wolves, and an unholy vampire are about to get the shock of their lives as the normally quiet and peaceful mountain range becomes the battleground between the sexes and species. It's a romantic comedy you won't want to miss.